About Gamut Distributors

Brief History:

Established in 1989 in Mission Viejo, CA. Gamut Distributors has been “serving the retailers with a variety of products to profit by”. Originally starting as a full service distributor, Gamut Distributors warehoused many major manufacturers ( John Frieda Hair products,Vital Care, Redmond Hair Products, Ocean Potion, Mc Cormick/ Schilling Spices among others...). Servicing major retailers in the Californian marketplace such as ( Drug Emporium, Fedco, Savon Drug, Long’s Drug, House to Home, Ralph’s, Albertson’s and more...).  Always striving to stay ahead of business trends Gamut Distributors shifted from building other companies brands to building their own. Focused on importing and building their own brands Gamut Distributors has proven itself as a valuable source of fast selling and profitable niche items. Expanding now across the US marketplace we supply most classes of trade independent gift, beauty supply, drug and variety stores. We also supply chain gift, hardware, drug and supermarkets. Supplying chains like ( Walgreens, CVS, Kroger’s, Bartell’s, Ace Hardware, HEB, Meijer and more...).

What sets us apart:

Being a smaller company has it’s advantages,

  • being able to spot trends and quickly react to them.
  • We are able to bring quality products to the market at a value price.
  • We package our products in eye catching consumer friendly displays.
  • Sell thru... We believe being satisfied with with just the sell in is not good enough we limit our displays and assortments to the minimum to insure maximum sales.
  • Free shipping... Yes, shipping as well as the display is always included in your wholesale price...
  • Lastly, the ability to customize our products and displays. We also have the ability to source or create special/custom items for our customers.

Customer Service

We are here to serve you if you have any questions or need of anything please locate our contact page where you can find our company’s information...